A Look Back at Warped Tour 2016


Shawn Marquis, Vanna, last year at Vans Warped Tour, Balloon Fiesta Park.

Warped season is here! With this year’s lineup focusing more on quality versus quantity, fans can expect to see a shorter lineup this year than in 2016. But with bands like CKY, Gwar, Silverstein, and Blessthefall, there should be no problem getting a full dose of killer music throughout the day.

Warped tour rolls through Albuquerque on June 21st, at the Balloon Fiesta Park, and through Las Cruces on August 1st, at the New Mexico State University Intramural Field.

So as the day draws near, I thought I’d share some of my favorite shots from last year’s stop in Albuquerque.

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Albuquerque photojournalist discusses covering crime


Megan Aguilar and Skylar Griego

Roberto Memorial w/ Cape.jpg

(Megan Aguilar / New Mexico News Port) Albuquerque Journal photographer Roberto Rosales pays his respects before photographing a small shrine created for Joel Suina, the 6-year-old victim of a police officer involved car crash. The photo was for an article in the newspaper regarding the incident that led to the fatal crash–a 911 call to which the officer was responding.

Roberto Rosales, a photographer for the Albuquerque Journal, kneels to the ground in front of a new roadside memorial on the northeast corner of Eubank Boulevard and Indian School Boulevard. His expression is mournful as he photographs the memorial’s items, including a teddy bear and a small red Superman cape hung from a stoplight pole. The shrine memorializes the death of Joel Suina, a 6-year-old boy who died days after a police officer crashed into his mother’s car.

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Crossing the Trans Human Divide


Megan Aguilar & Diana Cervantes


Stacy Fatemi recalls what it was like before her transition while in her home on March 3rd, 2017. Fatemi has been on the road toward transitioning for two years. Photo: Diana Cervantes

Albuquerque — As one of the most underrepresented and marginalized groups, transgender women of color face adverse harassment, from both institutions and individuals. Advocates like Stacy Fatemi are taking to social media to raise awareness.

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Laws and Policy: An Immigration Series


Megan Aguilar


El Centro de la Raza hosts 3rd installation of immigration series Thursday afternoon in Mesa Vista Hall. For more information about the center visit room 1153. Photo by Megan Aguilar.

In an intimate meeting Thursday afternoon, members of El Centro de la Raza, a Latino advocacy group on UNM campus, discussed what some said is an the invasive application process immigration policies like DACA require, and the criminalization of immigrants coming into the United States.

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